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Daily Savers.


" 2019: I watched the news. And felt guilty.


I realized climate change was concerning me as well, and that I was part of the problem.


So, I started to change some habits :

  • Shorter showers.

  • No plastic bottles.

  • Less meat.


But guess what : It was not enough !

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Suddenly, I realized something : 

Me, alone, wouldn’t change anything.

What I needed was a community doing the same things at the same time to leverage our impact.


I started to learn coding over the next two weeks. 


The outcome : OneSave/Day. 

A mobile app that displays one simple action, every single day, easy to integrate into our daily life. 

More and more people started to take action with me.


Soon, we became a global community of over

10.000 people and our actions added up. 

Finally, we do have an impact.


And this is the beginning of an unstoppable movement of daily Savers.


If climate change feels overwhelming to you, start by doing one save a day. " 


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Our Vision

"We believe that one day we will overcome the challenges of climate change and stop living in constant fear of being impacted by natural catastrophes but live in a respectful relationship with the planet."


Since September 2019, OneSave/Day is incubated at Kedge Business Nursery in Marseille, France.

A high number of professionals consult us in our development.

For The Planet

OneSave/Day is part of a mouvement bringing together projects that make the world a better place.

Our Mission

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Since October 2020, OneSave/Day is incubated in Denmark's largest incubator program: Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship.



OneSave/Day was invited to the Podcast Show Your Planet News Briefing to explain the concept of the movement, and especially the app.

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