We love Simplicity & that's what your CSR Solution should be.


The Save 

of the week

Challenge of the Week

Pick Up 3 Pieces of Plastic per Day.

We suggest your employees one eco-friendly action per week which contributes to the combat against climate change. Simply per e-mail.

With your Branding - for your Impact.


I Participate !

// Your Benefits

Simple CSR Solution

OneSave/Day is the simplest CSR solution involving your employees.

100% of the service is provided by us, you only need to do the challenges !

Your Branding

Your logo, your hashtag. Strengthen the identification of your employees with your company.

Team Spirit

Reinforce the community spirit in your company.

Joint action leverages the positive impact on the climate.

Little efforts lead to important results.

Why not sharing them with your customers, partners and future employees ?

Measurable Results


Small Efforts - Important Results.

Results of the Last Challenge

We Picked Up 5.250 Pieces of Plastic.

Results are the first source of motivation.

To continue your positive impact on the planet your employees will receive the common achievements.

The Results

of the previous week

Our Service

// Your CSR Solution

1 Weekly Challenge


  • Task of the week  

  • Results of the previous week


  • Reminder for participants

  • Possibility to join the challenge

1 Weekly Reminder

1 Monthly Report

End of the Month

  • Report with common achievements

  • For internal & external communication


How it Works

// In Reality


Receive Task




Take Action





Next Steps

// Start Now




Choose the duration & amount of users

We create an e-mail design with your branding

Save the planet !

Any questions ?

Ready to level-up your internal CSR solutions & have a significant impact on the climate ?


What Drives Us

// About Us

Our Vision

"Make it easy for companies to engage in sustainable   commitments & sensitise employees to create

an action-taking community."


Since September 2019, OneSave/Day is incubated in the Kedge Business Nursery in Marseille, France.

A high number of professionals consult us in our development.

For The Planet

OneSave/Day is part of a mouvement bringing together projects that make the world a better place.

B2C Mobile App

Over 8.000 downloads give us the experience to decide which challenges are the most appreciated and impactful.


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